Accommodation & meal

Băile Herculane has plenty of hotels, hostels and pensions at all price classes. The Local Organizing Committee has reserved a certain amount of rooms, with preferential rates, at the following hotel:

As the number of reserved rooms available in the hotel is limited, accommodation will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Lunch can also be served at Afrodita Resort & Spa.

Accommodation and lunch options at Afrodita Resort & Spa:

  Room type Price Sep 27th Sep 28th Sep 29th Sep 30th
Accommodation single-room 45 € (230 LEI) / night yes yes yes yes
Accommodation double-room 25 € (115 LEI) / night yes yes yes yes
Lunch   12 € (55 LEI) /day no yes yes no

*Please note that the prices for both single and double rooms are per person and include breakfast (open buffet), free access to SPA and WELLNESS (sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi and fitness gym). The lunch is also open buffet and includes three starters, four main dishes, four side dishes, four deserts and still and mineral water.